What got you interested into missing people? #DavidPaulides #Missing411

What got you interested into missing people?

Well I was doing some research on the national park and I happened to notice a couple of rangers following me around. To make a long story short, one at a time they kinda told me their story and approached me and said they had some information about missing people and they said that they had worked at national parks in the past and there had been missing people there and they felt that the circumstances behind the disappearances– where they disappeared from, the lack of information after that first seven to ten days search cycle. They kinda compared notes after they got together and they realized that something was amiss and they thought that somebody ought to be looking into it. That’s how it all got started years ago and I started to file a series of freedom of information act requests against the national park service and started to get rebuffed at higher levels and told that they don’t keep lists of missing people e.t.c e.t.c. and talked to some law enforcement friends and we all agreed that there is something here that we need to look at and that’s how it started.

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