What is like going into the corner at Daytona with NASCAR Truck Series driver Jesse Iwuji


You have to tell me. I’ve been to Daytona twice in my life. I’ve never seen a race. I’ve been there during, you know, the wrong time to be there. What does it like to go down in that corner? Speed  race. Racing at Daytona?

Yeah. What’s it like going down in that corner and speed it? It’s uh, it’s pretty wild because they’re going here. You here, you’re cooking them. You’re going 180 plus 90 plus mile per hour, you know, towards turn towards turn three. And the greatest part is when you get sick, when your mind wants to be, oh, list, you know, you’re going back flip and you’d be like, no, I can’t live. I got a tenant and they stay in it and, and feel all these g forces go through my body as I’m going through the corner and then exit, you know, so, um, yeah, it’s different for sure. It was a really, really cool, exciting to run that track to run Daytona and Talladega, all those different tracks just to places that I’ve watched the pros race for so many years and then now I’m getting the opportunity to race there. That was cool.

Aaron Keith – Jesse Iwuji

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