What is popular with millennials?

Cause you, you, you, you mentioned the world economy and I’m thinking that’s probably the easiest way for people to shift money around the world. There’s no exchange. I mean one bitcoin,

people have been using for some years now and increasing the more people, these kinds of currencies, bitcoin, again being the most prominent one and to facilitate jaded. Some people have become involved in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin as a kind of speculative scheme. That seems to be more problematic because it’s quite involved. I mean you seem to know something about it. It has gone way up and way down and it’s not a, you know, it’s not an investment necessarily. It’s, it’s a way to facilitate, um, the economy. And I mean, the critique has been made that all kinds of dark or the forest people use bitcoin, but I think increasingly it’s becoming a amongst millennial’s in particular are way to do business.

Ted Malloch

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