what would you do, if someone close to you goes missing?

(what would you do, if someone close to you goes missing)

Personally what I would do is I would get an uncle, an aunt somebody who is smart number 1, number 2 has a ton of patience and number 3 is tight with the family. I would say okay you’re job right now is to go to the congress-local congressman’s office -right now and get one of their aides to come out here to the search site and just observe how we’re being treated and how much really of an effort is going on and it, because sometimes its hard to believe when people come and tell you this but get one of their aides to go up there with you and observe it because once a congressman or a senator gets involved it seems like everything starts to change because they’ve got some political women in Washington D.C they can call for senate hearings they can call for Congressional hearings but if it was my relative that’s exactly what I would do because I would hold them accountable for exactly what they did and how they treated me.

Fascinating I mean you should I mean you would think that you wouldn’t have to go that route but I guess here we are because -based of everything I’ve heard tonight. Put that number on speed dial-jeez!

Well you’d think that they -you know in these little cities out in the middle of nowhere that have maybe one or two news channels or one or two N.B.C or A.B.C affiliates in the area kind of remember that those crews have to live day in and day out around that park and get information out of them a year later after your case is long gone. So for them to really do the stand up thing and publicize and put on the news exactly how crappy you are being treated sorry to say that’s not going to happen because they’ve got to live in that community every day. Now a national news team goes in there- that’s different but that local news crew they’re not going to do the right thing because they’ve got to live in that environment.

You do have a very valid point now you mention that because I’ve seen it in a different format but never the less of how local news kind of plays favorites- there ill be nice – in how they report things even – everybody has their spin and objective but sometimes it just outlandish in the local- that the local the stream of the local news like the local papers, not even the local tv stations -the local papers , anyway before I, here I go trying to get myself into trouble.

No keep talking Jim.

Well when there only one paper in town – I guess what you can say you can say pretty much anything you want and if you don’t know any better its all gospel right? Okay there I’ve said it – to a degree. So that’ll be the one thing you do get assistance for anything else to pop some iron before we get off this topic of how to help search for a missing person.

Right the other thing I’d do I’d get somebody in my family to video record everything every time I talk to somebody every time I was around somebody that was an official I’d I’d want every thing recorded just so that they couldn’t change their story and people would believe exactly what I pointed because again what I hear from families – what I heard from the family, I would never say I don’t believe them but I just shook my head OK OK when I went out there and say first hand I couldn’t believe it. I mean I don’t care what rational they have for treating that family that crappy. Under the circumstances of them losing their father they get a pass in my book for anything that they’ve done because there’s no ill intent. They’re trying to find their relative.

Yeah I was going to say I mean even if you got mouthy with the park ranger. You I mean you were there filming I mean you’ve had I’ve maybe this is a maybe this is my cockiness but I’d be out there with a big grin saying yeah well you did everything that you could.

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