What’s the biggest challenge when you’re in the studio?

What’s the biggest challenge when you’re in the studio? Professional students at home? I’m sure there’s distractions and dogs and cats and all that other stuff at home that we all have. But when you’re trying to get something done in, go ahead.

I, I would say the biggest hurdle, you know, first of all, a, the biggest hurdle is getting the job. That’s, that’s the, that’s the big challenge. And, uh, they were telling me today, and this is, you know, for me, this is not really a huge commercial, but for them it was, it was obviously it’s important important commercial. But, uh, they made a point of telling me how other people I beat out for the role that, this, that there were a lot of other actors that were on a avail and avail for those of you who don’t know, is if once you audition for it, if they’re interested in you potentially to hire you, they put you on what they call availability. And we call it for short avail out here. And uh, I didn’t find out officially that I was going to be recording it until probably close to 6:00 last night when I was actually about to get in the car and go to a, uh, another studio where I actually was teaching a voiceover class that night. So I found out late, had to come into Hollywood, would a 10:00. And I guess the biggest challenge once you’re in the studio after getting the job is understanding what it is they want. Because oftentimes the client and generally the client or the director is not there in the studio with you. It’s usually a phone patch. In fact, the people that I was working with today were based in Michigan. I’m in California, they’re in Michigan and uh, there were several people that had opinions as to how they wanted this thing to be done. So I would do it one way and then they would say, okay, try this way, that way. And then of course once they play it for the client, but the main person that’s in charge, that person comes in and says, I want some changes as well. So trying to understand what it is they’re looking for when sometimes they don’t have the actual words to, you know, they may say, can you give me more blue?
And you’ve got to understand what that means are you go, okay, I got it. I think I know what you’re talking about, but let’s, let’s, let’s go with this. So that was, that’s probably the biggest channel. I’m not saying that was a real struggle today because, you know, they, they were good, they just, they just wanted to play with a lot of different ways.

Robert Clotworthy

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