Where can you go to hear Amerian English?

 I’m just trying to find the quote unquote most bland english in America.

A really good question. And you’re right, a lot of people would say I was somewhere in the heartland, maybe Ohio, maybe, I dunno. Great lakes, region, Michigan, something like that. But it turns out that everywhere in any country has their own unique dialect, her own way of speaking, the language that they speak. So the idea of, well, isn’t there a sort of a bland american english or typical or general non unaccented american english? Not really. I’m not one that geographically defined per se. uh, so we might think about, well, there are sort of more generic, less noticeable styles that we use in particular context, more formal context, that kind of thing writing. But in typical everyday life, anywhere you go, people are going to have a unique way of using a language. We tend to notice some of them more than others. We all really. If I asked anybody, I have a class of mine or something like this, what are the dialects of us? Everybody immediately says, oh, southern. So we all recognize that when we all know what we can probably imitate, some teachers have it on the other ones might be more subtle, but they’re still there. So that’s a great question though.

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