Where do you listen?

Now obviously I’ve heard from the great number of people through the years that they’ve downloaded bunches of shows and took them on the road and listened to them. That’s great. I actually enjoy hearing that. So if you’re one of those people who are packing up the rv and are packing up the family car and taken them already, portal, if great, please tell me because I enjoy hearing those stories or if you’re working out at the gym or whatever you’re doing. Again, I like hearing that because it’s right here in where people listen. Now I know a lot of people listen and a lot of people will never say a word to me and that’s fine, but if yeah, if you want to drop me an email, I’ll reply back to you. It doesn’t have. It’s not rocket science or a tweet or a facebook message or I don’t know if anybody uses google plus, but it’s there.

James Fitzgerald and Natalie Schilling

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