Where do you want to Travel? George Noory answers

Jim Malliard: So my question to you is, you get to travel because of doing the station promos and all this other stuff, plus your personal travel; is there one city that you haven’t– I mean it doesn’t even have to be in America or Canada– so one city that you want to go visit that you haven’t been able to visit yet?

George Noory: You know, I’d like to go abroad. I haven’t done that yet. I’ve not been to London. I’ve not been to Paris. I’d love to be able to do that one day and hopefully I’ll be able to. As far as in the United States, in Canada, I’ve been to Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto; I’ve been to the big cities there. And I’ve been to most of the big cities in the United States; and let me tell you something Jim, the people are fantastic at these events that I’m at. They are so dedicated to the message that you, and I, and everybody else in this business has been trying to get out for a long time. It’s just, it’s wonderful to be able to see people in those kinds of environments who are so dedicated to the subject matter that we broadcast every night.

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