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Whitley Strieber

This week on The Malliard Report we get another a two for one show featuring two fantastic guests, one that is familiar fan favorite, and a new comer with a story that will certainly stick with you. On this episode Jim welcomes George Noory and Whitley Strieber to discuss current situations, past stories, and the future potentials for radio.

First on this episode is the legendary George Noory. George needs very little introduction; but for the few that may not know: George Noory is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM, guest on History’s Ancient Aliens, and frequent speaker. His smooth voice has guided listeners into the world of the weird for many years and will for many more to come. He can be heard just about every night on your local AM affiliate.

Second up in this fantastic lineup is author Whitley Strieber. Strieber ”… is an American writer best known for his horror novels The Wolfen and The Hunger and for Communion, a purported non-fiction account of his alleged experiences with non-human entities. He has maintained a dual career of author of fiction and advocate of paranormal concepts through his best-selling non-fiction books, his Unknown Country web site, and his Internet podcast, Dreamland. Strieber began his career as a novelist with the horror novels The Wolfen (1978) and The Hunger (1981), both of which were made into feature films, followed by the less successful horror novels Black Magic (1982) and The Night Church (1983).

Strieber then turned to speculative fiction with social conscience. Collaborating with James Kunetka, he wrote Warday (1984), about the dangers of limited nuclear warfare, and Nature’s End (1986) a novel about environmental apocalypse. He independently authored Wolf of Shadows (1985), a young adult novel set in the aftermath of a nuclear war.”

While Strieber’s fictional work is fantastic, his nonfiction, personal story is even more intriguing than his fiction. “Strieber contends that he was abducted from his cabin in upstate New York on the evening of December 26, 1985 by non-human beings. He wrote about this experience and related experiences in Communion (1987), his first non-fiction book. Although the book is perceived generally as an account of alien abduction, Strieber draws no conclusions about the identity of the alleged abductors. He refers to the beings as “the visitors”, a name chosen to be as neutral as possible to entertain the possibility that they are not extraterrestrials. Neurologist Steven Novella remarks that the details of Whitley’s tale of waking up seemingly paralyzed fits the description of hypnagogia, a fairly common neurological phenomenon that has been mistaken by some for an intervention by demons or aliens.”

This is a fantastic episode with not one, but two HUGE guests. Make sure to check your local AM affiliate for Coast to Coast AM times and station numbers. You can find Whitley’s books on all major online retailers, and it is recommended that you give them a read. For all things Malliard head over to where you catch up on past shows, join in on the live show (every Tuesday 9 P.M. EST) sign up for the newsletter, and grab merch. Follow Jim on all social media outlets @malliard!