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William Hall and Jimmy Petonito

Instrumental Transcommunication (or ITC) is known the world over within the paranormal communities as being an absolute staple (if not the cornerstone) to any type of investigation. Now, for the few that may be unfamiliar with the concept, ITC is the utilization of varying electronic devices to communicate with the other side. This could range from a hacked radio, to various electronic applications, or countless other audio and visual devices. Over the years, the devices have become more advanced with increasing evidence that points to that there really is something there. But what if the tables were turned? Instead of us using devices to reach out to connect with the spirit world, what if spirits used our ordinary mundane devices (such as cell phones and voicemail) to try and connect with us? That is where this week’s guests on The Malliard Report come in to the mix. Jimmy Petonito and William Hall (not to be confused with Bill Hall of the Milwaukee Brewers) join Jim on this episode to discuss their latest book Phantom Messages: Chilling Phone Calls, Letters, Emails, and Texts from Unknown Realms.

In this book Jimmy and William investigate the unique phenomena of people experiencing phone call and voice messages from either unknown sources or even from friends and relatives that have since passed on. Stories of premonitions of hearing one’s own death, greetings from lost loved ones, and even the tragedy and horror of the events that transpired in September of 2001. Within the book you will “…Discover life-altering direct contact by phone, computer, TV, radio, letter, and other mediums. From whom? Entities, loved ones, extraterrestrials, and bizarre beings from the past or future. They take photos, deliver warnings, cause havoc, transcend time, and more. At times you can hear past and future events in progress. Sometimes messages are friendly and welcoming, such as Thomas Harden from the year 1521. Other times? Your worst nightmare.”

This is a very unique mystery within the realm of paranormal that does not get enough attention and is certainly worth more research that what has already been given it. It is crazy to not think that there may be those on the other side attempting to communicate with us on this side of the ethereal plane. These stories along with the fascination of the urban legends of past (that are slowly dying out) are what drove Jimmy and William to start on the path of writing this book. While their subject material may be heavy and mysterious, as guests they are an absolute crack up, so this will certainly be a show that you enjoy.

If you are in the Connecticut region you may be able to catch them at a book signing or a meet and greet but for everyone else, their book can be found through major online retailers and their website Remember to head over to to catch up on past shows, sign up for the newsletter, and learn more about guests and the host. You can connect with Jim via Twitter @malliard and don’t forget to visit for your conspiracy themed and humorous t-shirts.