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William Hall – Paranormal Author and Investigator


Guest:  William Hall

This weeks Malliard Report is one heck of a return to form, and an excellent show to have near the end of the year for 2015 as our host Jim Malliard shows once more why his show is the Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio when he introduces special guest Paranormal Author and Investigator William Hall to the show to discuss what all he’s been doing lately.

In fact that pretty much is the dominant theme of the show this week, as right off the bat Jim and William Hall discuss exactly what our guest has been up to with the current books that he’s written. The first of the two that we get a chance to look at this week being “The Haunted House Diaries” which centers itself around a house in Connecticut and was published as recently as August, several months prior. As our guest William Hall explains it though, it’s got a little bit of everything in it for everyone. It’s got mystery, heartbreak, and a bit of suspense as well as more to share. In fact it even includes bonus material such as audio and video evidence as well.

The second book that our guest William Hall wants to share with us all is “The World’s Most Haunted House”, which is also similarly set in Connecticut, and is also about a farm-house with its own paranormal poltergeist activity inside. The reason for both of the books being set in the Connecticut area as our guest explains is that he feels that there’s a lot of good stories centered in the area that he feels needs to be shared. in fact during the Malliard Report show itself he shares a few stories with Jim that can be found in the book as well. Which all information for can be found at .

Luckily for all fans of the Malliard Report this week that William Hall seems to be an experienced speaker, calling on his expertise as a Lecturer on the paranormal as there’s something fascinating about hearing him speak, and he spoke quite a lot at this weeks show. In fact most of the hour is predominated with him talking about his books, his experiences as an author, ghost stories, paranormal experiences, that it leaves Jim for the most part silent as he lets William Hall speak. Of course there was a point near the last quarter of the show where Jim jumped in to share some of his own experiences with something similar to events that our guest shared and what happened with him which made for an exciting time, before asking our guest what else to expect from him in the future. Hopefully of course another appearance on the Malliard Report.

Of course, as usual our hour ends up used, and the Fastest Hour In Paranormal Talk Radio has to come to an end. But luckily we got information from a good author about a good book, and a promise to come onto the show another time. Hopefully when William Hall comes on again he’ll have more to share, as this week was a blast. And as usual, stay quacking and we’ll see all of the Malliard Report fans next week.