Women in Black, Wait What?

Women in black, so once what start there?
Um, well actually I a full book a few years ago called agreement in black and um, but you’re right, if it’s a sort of a lesser known effect of the overall many black may, straight now as far as the, the women in black stories are concerned. Certainly they’ve gone under the radar so to speak. But um, they’ve been a lot of reports over the years and particularly, um, at the height of the Mothman sightings in the 19 sixties, 66 to 67. Um, and when John Keel was heavily investigating the mothman since in that period he came across a number of cases were witnesses to the man had been visited by the men in black, but then some of the other witnesses that actually been visited by, um, by women in black and they were described as sort of a pale looking and they had these sort of large eyes that were hidden behind these wraparound sunglasses. And they scared, looked almost like plastic, almost like a mannequin. People talk about the man in black being similar to that. So in other words, it’s very kind of a strange situation and the women in black themselves, you know, have this sort of aura of strangers as well because of the, of the appearing. So as I said, the skin of the eyes, the mannerisms and the threats that they issue to the witnesses.

Nick Redfern

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