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Zachary Elwood

Just for a moment let’s take a step back in time. An election buzz is in the air, the Olympics were being held in their birthplace, Franz Ferdinand dominated the air waves, and you could not turn on ESPN at night without seeing some form of “high stakes/limit” poker game. The year is 2004 and the poker fad is at its peak. Tournaments were being held in every major gambling house and personal homes across the country. Out to be the next sunglassed, stone faced kingpin, people everywhere sought out any information they could get their hands on to give them that advantage over the next player. The featured guest on this week’s episode just so happened to be one of those experts, and literally wrote the book on keying in on other players’ ticks, queues, and give aways. This week on the show Jim welcomes author, poker player, and people reader Zachary Elwood.

“Zachary Elwood has been playing poker seriously for more than ten years. For three of those years, he played professionally. He’s long been interested in the psychological aspects of poker (while knowing that poker tells are much less important than poker strategy.) In 2009 he started the ReadingPokerTells blog, on the subject of tells and psychology. The site has gained a decent following over the years. In 2012, he published Reading Poker Tells, a book on general poker behavioral patterns. That book has been called the “best book on poker tells” by many players, both amateur and experienced. In 2014, he published the book Verbal Poker Tells, which has also received high praise. Elwood writes articles for many poker publications. He writes a monthly column for Bluff Magazine, and has written articles for PokerNews, the TwoPlusTwo Magazine, and The Freeroll. He has created poker training videos for the poker training site”

In this episode Jim and Zachary discuss how poker is more than just playing a game of cards, reading people and their “tells”, how silly you actually look wearing sunglasses, Pete Rose, and the moon landing. You can keep up with Zachary’s latest posts, order his books, or see his video series over on For the latest in The Malliard Report, head over to for the latest news, podcasts, livestreams, and even merch. Connect with Jim on social media @malliard, and remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.