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Zachary Green

The entrepreneurial spirit is what drives some of the most revered people in our modern history. Mix in with that a bit of grit, tenacity, and some warrior type ethos, and you absolutely have the recipe for success. This week on The Malliard Report, Jim welcomes Zachary Green to the show that has embodied that very hallmark. On this episode Zach and Jim jump into what it takes to establish yourself in the world, as military service member, as a first responder, as a businessman, and how to really make it yours.

“Zachary Green’s experiences in the Marine Corps shaped his destiny. His time in the military, then as a firefighter, gave him the resourcefulness, integrity and grit to become a highly successful entrepreneur. Taking risks, trusting himself and never letting go of his dreams drove him to create, produce, market and sell a product that saves lives. Zach lives in the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming, Ohio with his wife and son. He is an elected member of the Wyoming City Council and was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and has testified in front of the US House of Representatives Small Business Committee. Zachary’s entrepreneurial journey has been featured on the front page of and also covered by CNN, USA Today, CBS and many other major news outlets.”

Zach is truly an example of an individual that saw something that he wanted, and went for it. His determination has led him to being one of the leaders in the business world, and establishing him as an expert service member. You can order his book though his website or through For the latest updates on The Malliard Report, head over to where you can catch the latest in show news, find past episodes, order merch, and much more. Connect with Jim on all the social media platforms, and remember to rate and subscribe through your favorite podcasting app.